The Paper doll song and Paper Doll bands

In the afternoon I was listening music with my iPod and I remembered that a friend told me to download an old ‘paper doll’ song for my mobile phone, The Paper Doll song.

Incredible, a band wrote a song about Paper doll!

So I started to search on Google and I found a little treasury!

The Paper Doll song was written in 1915 by John Stewart Black and It was sung by the vocal group the Mills Brothers in 1943 and also by Frank Sinatra.
This song sold over 6 millions of copies!


‘I’m gonna buy a paper doll….’
Here Paper Doll song with lyrics

In the late 1960s was born a British female vocal trio, the Paper Dolls band, from Northampton.

But now Michael Bublé sings the Paper Doll song, yeah

…and what do you think about the PaperDoll band?
You can’t stop It!

pretty cool song guys…

Almost a century of songs related to paper dolls.
Incredible how much music was produced in the name of paperdolls!

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