Fashion Cat-Deluxe Meow bookmark

My friends love my bookmarks, because they are ironic and funny. A bookmark is a special gift for those who love to read.
But not only that: how many times we read an article in a magazine that interests us but we do not want to spoil the page? I am one of those who like to keep the books as if they were new.

For this reason, I have dozens of bookmarks scattered around the house.

I inaugurate in my shopify shop, a series of bookmarks dedicated to cats.
Here you can download the file and print your favorite cat.
You can laminate them, print them on special cards, personalize them with collage or decoupage.
I start the series with the fashion cat (Meow bookmark), a cat rich colors and hearts, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Fashion cat-Deluxe Meow bookmark

Fashion cat-Deluxe Meow bookmark

A perfect cat for someone you love, or to love yourself.
Some customers have a series of cats and made decorations for their walls. No limits to your fantasy.

A good book, a beautiful bookmark, a sleeping cat on your lap, a cup of tea.
This is perfection, right? Meowww

If you like my shop, tell your friends, thank you! and come back later, I will add many digital sheets, you’ll enjoy to create with them.

PS: in the picture you see the bookmark enriched by a fish bone, laminated and decorated by me.Just an example to see what you can do!

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