Paper doll Exhibition in New York The Photographer Paper doll

Month after month my desire to participate in an exhibition has grown bigger and bigger, and I imagined a new way to show my creations to the world. The idea was a paper doll exhibition.

photographer paper doll

photographer paper doll

My creations bring me happiness and my wish is to share that same happiness with the world!!! I was thinking about this since some time already when an opportunity arose from an article about the nomadi digitali I happened to read on an Italian newspaper. I contacted the website’s authors ( thank you Diego and Alberto)and subscribed to their site and facebook page. I submitted my project on their pages and a few hours later I started receiving replies. The idea was already crystal clear in my mind: why not entrust one of my creations to a traveler who would exhibit it during his/her journey? Why not entrust a customized creation to a traveler who would keep a journal and take pictures of it in the different places (s)he stops in. That’s how the first mobile exhibition ever was born. And the first traveler is Monia Danesi, a photographer from Cesena (Italy) who will visit NY with my Monia Paperdoll

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Stefania Morgante

Italian artist, original painter, sculptor and photographer, I have several experiences as a theatre editor, teacher of Drawing at school and advertising designer. - Connect with Stefania on Google+

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