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Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Good News | 11 comments

Paper doll Exhibition in New York The Photographer Paper doll

Paper doll Exhibition in New York The Photographer Paper doll

Month after month my desire to participate in an exhibition has grown bigger and bigger, and I imagined a new way to show my creations to the world. The idea was a paper doll exhibition.

photographer paper doll

photographer paper doll

My creations bring me happiness and my wish is to share that same happiness with the world!!! I was thinking about this since some time already when an opportunity arose from an article about the nomadi digitali I happened to read on an Italian newspaper. I contacted the website’s authors ( thank you Diego and Alberto)and subscribed to their site and facebook page. I submitted my project on their pages and a few hours later I started receiving replies. The idea was already crystal clear in my mind: why not entrust one of my creations to a traveler who would exhibit it during his/her journey? Why not entrust a customized creation to a traveler who would keep a journal and take pictures of it in the different places (s)he stops in. That’s how the first mobile exhibition ever was born. And the first traveler is Monia Danesi, a photographer from Cesena (Italy) who will visit NY with my Monia Paperdoll

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Stefania Morgante

Italian artist, original painter, sculptor and photographer, I have several experiences as a theatre editor, teacher of Drawing at school and advertising designer. - Connect with Stefania on Google+

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  1. What a great idea Stef!!!! Wonderful!!!! I guess this is the future, new forms of art-sharing..well done you!:)

  2. That’s fantastic project! I cannot wait to see the pix and read Monia’s acoounts! Well done, Stefania! 🙂

  3. that’s a very great idea: LOVE IT!

    well done, Stef and… “bon voyage”, Monia 😉

  4. congrats for this start! I’ll wait for some news from around the world.

  5. thanks to all!

  6. so wonderful project!! Monia paperdoll is really lovely!!

  7. Wonderful idea !! this is totally fun, I wish you and Monia all the best and are waiting to see what happens – very curious on photographs – well done this is very cool 🙂

  8. Bellissima idea!! e anche con un sacco di posibilità!

  9. wow!! I love it!! sei un’artista incredibile!!

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