Monica Gigante Paper Doll: How to travel the world promoting yourself Before the beginning of the trip, some News about Monica…

monica paper doll

monica paper doll

My name is Monica Gigante. I’m Italian and I live in Lisbon, Portugal, since the end of 2009. I was born in north-eastern Italy, in Friuli, and I lived for many years in Padua, a city I really love. I moved from Italy because of my husband’s job. He is a researcher in the field molecular biology and he moved from Italy in 2009. At the time he was working at the National Council of Research in Venice, but the grants closed and he had to move. So yet another story among those of the “Cervelli in fuga” (Escape of Brains from Italy)!!!!

Who I am

I’m a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I studied at Padua’s University and had my Post Graduation at COIRAG School of Psychotherapy in Milan. I have a Psychoanalytic formation, oriented towards group work, and I have over 10 years of working experience in my country. In Italy, I used to work with inner patients in institutions, both private and public. I worked with elderly, with children in distress, with people struggling with pathological dependences. Here, in Portugal, it was not easy to settle down professionally, because of the language and the different working culture. But I’m trying to cope with these difficulties…studying and learning the most I can and I’m also trying to promote my private practice. Because I think it’s very important for people to deal with their inner word, their difficulties and troubles, through their mother-tongue, I have created the website PSYcoWeb. This site offers online counselling in Italian and can be used by everyone, both from inside or outside of Italy. I really love my profession and I am passionate about my job, even if sometimes it can be very difficult and too involving. I really hope to continue practising it, with the same high level of professionally, proficiency and competence. The highest joy is to succeed in helping people in reaching they goals in life, to feel better and to be able to deal with their problems and inner struggles! I can say that this is the greatest satisfaction that this profession could give! To follow-me in my reflections over my profession, you can visit my blog (in Italian) Psiche&Dintorni. My job apart, I love doing a lot of things, like reading, writing, and sports. Here in Lisbon you have many opportunities and wonderful places where you can walk, run or surf. I have run two half marathons and my aim for the future is to be able to run an entire Marathon! Lisbon is lovely city! It’s the city of wind and light! The light is amazing, the streets, the poetical and decadent atmosphere is something you can really sense physically! There are many opportunities and a rich and interesting cultural life and it’s also quite cheap. I think this city is perfect for artists and creative people. Now here in Lisbon, the Italian community is growing and I met many young people with a lot of ideas and a creative and fresh approach to life!

lisboa paper doll

lisboa paper doll

Do you think a Paper-Doll is helpful for the psychological treatment of people?

Certainly it is, for several reasons. First of all, it stimulates creativity, i.e. it is a different way to produce something new… everyone can do it and it has several potentialities. We know intuitively that creativity is movement and it leads to new solutions, this is the prerogative of the mental health, and it’s exactly the opposite of the stagnancy psychic, the rigidity, typical for example of certain depressive state. I am very interested in the alternative approaches to mental health and those relating to the artistic world. Furthermore, things like Paper Dolls surprise us, are funny and somehow bring us back to our childhood, we play and have fun. I believe this is the fifth essence of mental health, not only during childhood but also throughout the life. In practice, the Paper Doll can be used in several ways, for example in experiential workshops, both with children and with people in difficulties, just to enhance their creative potential and growth, with infinite possibilities of use.

What do you expect from this adventure?

I can tell you what it has moved me! Firstly: curiosity and admiration! I have to say I was very impressed by this proposal and the beauty of these objects so simple and at the bottom… I was really pleasantly surprised…I found it a brilliant and original project!

Than, I liked the idea of showing the place where I live, that I find it extremely beautiful and charming, with a new look and with a vision of the all, original and why not, Italian expats in perennial migration…

Previous works were very nice and amazing, and I hope to do the same too… I expect to have fun, to create something new, and possibly beautiful and to make it more visible, without being too noisy but rather with the ability to surprise!

lisboa paper doll

lisboa paper doll

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