Monia Paper Doll:How to travel the world promoting yourself

Monia,tell us: how did you come up with this trip to New York? Had you not written on the Nomadi Digitali website, I would not have had that idea and you would not have contacted me, can you imagine?

Sure, we definitely connected! For me it has really been an adventure… I decided to travel to New York by myself, something I had never done before.

And I don’t even speak or understand English, except for three words! New York had always been one of my dream destinations, when I was a child I believed you could get there by bus! So I had to see it!
It’s been a vortex of emotions and fears, but anytime I overcame an obstacle I could feel that huge strength grow inside, and pride as well because I had overcome my limits! And then I had my mascot: Monia Paperdoll!

It’s true, Monia Paperdoll has been at your side all along! I have seen all of your pictures!

Yes, Monia Paperdoll was always there, one step after another, keeping me company and giving me that bit of courage I needed to buttonhole the people I have met! not even my poor English has kept me from talking to people, asking them to pose and discover that knowing look on their faces!
The most exciting encounter was with a homeless man… I have been interested in social photography for ages now and this, to me, has been a really great encounter!

Yes, I think the picture with Monia Paperdoll is a really special picture… can you imagine? An art form that only requires some paper, a pencil and scissors, perfect for any budget, at hands reach of those who own nothing!

Yes! A democratic art! and yet customized! That is truly me! Really a beautiful encounter between photography, paperdolls and the people in the streets of New York.


The children’s pictures with the Paperdoll are gorgeous too!

…I absolutely love the children’s look of surprise and astonishment when they see something new and unusual! Sometimes, the most difficult was to get Monia Paperdoll back! Once they had it, they wouldn’t leave it anymore!

So, this first mobile exhibition was a good idea!

No doubt at all! People are surprised, they ask questions and I have covered the city with your visiting cards!
In fact, I announce that Monia Paperdoll is my mascot now and that she’ll be the hero of new photo features! Who’s going to stop me now?

Do you want to be the next traveller?

Thank you to Nomadi Digitali, Monia Danesi and Sylvie Frasca, my great translator friend.

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