How does collaboration fit into your way of working?

This is the first question that Randall Packer has placed us in the first week of the course Catalysts: Artists Creating with Sound, Video and Time.
Well, collaboration is very important for me.

My secret dream is a teamwork where everyone has a role and is decisive for the success of the project. New media are important for this idea of art.
I haven’t the complete control over the project, but I find this very exciting.

Collaboration is always a compromise, but that compromise is a new point of view for me.
I feel that I work alone in my laboratory in the long run can deplete my ideas.

Some of the work for me it makes sense in my own lab, but not always and forever.
All of this to tell you that my collaboration with Ottolibri continues, indeed we are working on the second book. The design of the second cover has been chosen and at the end of February, a new book will be online.

Now the book Le Competenze trasversali dell’amore di Angelo Dolce is published!



You can find it on Amazon (kindle, epub), or on Ottolibri website.

Cover book

Cover book

I believe that collaboration is a complicated game of joints, and perhaps even a way to continually renew our ideas.

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